Major Private Funding Campaign

Originally led by a partnership between two key figures in Québec finance, the late Mr. L. Jacques Ménard, former president of BMO Financial Group, Québec, and president of the board of BMO Nesbitt Burns, and Ms. Monique Leroux, former president and chief executive officer of Desjardins Group, the campaign aimed to bring great contributors together around this promising project. Le Diamant wishes to highlight the essential contribution of the co-chairs who succeeded them, Mr. Claude Gagnon, former President of Operations at BMO Financial Group, Quebec, Mr. Guy Cormier, President and CEO of Desjardins Group, and more recently, Mr. Grégoire Baillargeon, President of BMO Financial Group, Quebec.

The $10M goal was achieved on january 25, 2024.

On January 25, 2024, Le Diamant held a Recognition Evening to express gratitude to all the major donors of the campaign. More details here (in french).

Private Donors

Thank you to our donors of the major private funding campaign.

Visionaries – $1M and More
Bell BMO Groupe financier Hydro-Québec Fondation Sandra et Alain Bouchard

Robert Lepage

Founders – $500K to $999K
Desjardins Kabuchan International Power Corporation du Canada
Builders – $250K to $499K
Groupe Canam et Manac Groupe Dallaire Fondaction Beneva

Sylvia Soyka

Donateurs anonymes

Associates – $50K to $249K
Banque Nationale du Canada Cogeco Pomerleau Cominar Sanimax

Geneviève Marcon et Jean Campeau

L. Jacques et Marie-José Ménard

Daniel Gauthier

Photo — Hélène Bouffard

Help Make Cultural Experiences Available to All

“My belief in culture has always guided my actions and commitments. Today, thanks to your generosity, everyone from frequent spectators to families with little experience with the performing arts will have their place in this new cultural space dedicated to discovery and bringing people together.”

Lynda Beaulieu, President of Le Diamant

Welcoming the World to Le Diamant

“After having travelled the world for more than 40 years, I’m setting down my suitcase in my hometown of Quebec City, and my hope is that Le Diamant will be a unique showcase for all forms of art. This unprecedented artistic convergence will allow the culture and innovation from here and beyond to shine in a remarkable and welcoming space.”

Robert Lepage, Initiator of Diamant and Artistic Director

Robert Lepage Photo — Hélène Bouffard

A Brief Description of Le Diamant

Actively Participate in Quebec City’s Evolution

Le Diamant is a valuable and promising cultural project with a unique potential to make a significant contribution to Quebec City’s economic activity. As seen with Montreal, New York and Las Vegas, the entertainment options in Quebec City can become a convincing argument for attracting professional clients.

In addition to its diverse programming, Le Diamant stands out because it does not offer season tickets. Mindful of the pre-existing cultural ecosystem, it leaves the subscription-based approach to other venues. Instead, Le Diamant is an event-based cultural venue, making it possible to attend a performance at any time without needing to buy season tickets.

Le Diamant aims to democratize the performing arts by making them accessible to as many people as possible. Out of a desire for universal accessibility, the ticket prices are affordable, varying only according to the seat location in the venue. Consequently, arts lovers can benefit from seeing more performances, and less-frequent audience members have the opportunity to experience high-quality local and international productions.

Le Diamant presents multidisciplinary programming in an exceptional venue that has a contemporary architectural design deeply rooted in its rich history. Le Diamant prioritizes accessibility for all audiences, and it chooses to showcase eclectic works and creators whose shows become must-see events.

A nonprofit organization was created to operate Le Diamant, and it has a full management team. Its board of directors is made up of independent members from a range of different backgrounds. Since its opening in 2019, the venue has created numerous jobs.


Numerous objectives ranging from cultural to economic have guided and continue to guide this project.


Let yourself be seduced by a vip visit to Le Diamant!