Conceived by the team of the Quebec Magic Festival and proudly presented at Le Diamant as part of the 12th edition of the annual event ‘Quebec, City of Magic!’, the Grand International Magic Show is a true celebration of the art of illusion!

You will discover astonishing acts performed by world-class artists carefully selected from Europe (Germany, Spain, France, Portugal) and North America (Canada, United States). These grand masters will share their passion, make you laugh, and move you with their poetry, undeniable talent, and striking originality.

At the crossroads of theater, circus, music, and multimedia, the Grand International Magic Show boldly stands at the forefront of the art of illusion!

*This show is not part of Le Diamant’s regular programming

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  • Alain Choquette — Canada
  • Tana Manga — Portugal
  • Philippe Beau — France
  • Yann Frisch — France et grand champion FISM 2012 (Fédération internationale des sociétés magiques)
  • Hector Mancha — Espagne et grand champion FISM 2015 (Fédération internationale des sociétés magiques)
  • Dean Gunnarson — Canada
  • Jaana — Allemagne, Championne européenne 2022
  • Nikolai Striebel — Allemagne, Champion européen 2022
  • Antoine Terrieux et Julien Mandier — France
  • Xavier Mortimer — États-Unis


  • Équipe du Festival de magie de Québec
Dans le cadre du
Festival de Magie de Québec

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