Poetic and humorous…the six guys of Machine de Cirque have everything it takes to please. The only catch: they are alone in the world. Their quest: to contact other survivors with the help of a strange machine. Will they succeed? Nothing could be less certain! They are easily distracted by their unusual fantasies and have a definite talent for getting themselves into perilous situations. It couldn’t be more normal! How else could they survive this universe devoid of women and computers?

Daring, touching and comical, these six wacky characters have a contagious complicity. They masterfully handle a teeterboard, juggling pins, drums and even a bath towel!


Founded in 2013 under the initiative of Vincent Dubé, Raphaël Dubé, Yohann Trépanier, Ugo Dario, Maxim Laurin and Frédéric Lebrasseur, Machine de Cirque produced its first show in May 2015, a show bearing the organization’s name. This unique creation was a great success with both the public and the critics. This first production, including its cabaret version, has been presented over 700 times in Europe, Asia and North America. More than 300,000 spectators have already seen it, and this number continues to grow.


  • Interprètes
  • Guillaume Larouche
  •  Amit Krolizki
  • Michel Trudeau
  • Matthes Speidel
  • Dominique Bouchard
  • Musicien
  • Frédéric Lebrasseur, Steve Hamel, Olivier Forest ou Jérémie Carrier (musicien en alternance)


  • A production of Machine de Cirque
  • Original Idea, Text, Artistic Direction and Staging Vincent Dubé
  • Collaborators for the Text and Direction Yohann Trépanier, Raphaël Dubé, Maxim Laurin, Ugo Dario, Frédéric Lebrasseur
  • Music Frédéric Lebrasseur
  • Artistic Advisors Patrick Ouellet, Harold Rhéaume et Martin Genest
  • Set Design Consultants Josée Bergeron-Proulx, Julie Lévesque et Amélie Trépanier
  • Costume Design Sébastien Dionne
  • Lightning Design Bruno Matte
  • Sound Design René Talbot
  • Mechanical Engineer David St-Onge
  • Technical Directior Patrice Guertin
  • A special thank you to the members of the board of directors for their precious collaboration, which is essential to the success of Machine de Cirque. Un remerciement tout particulier aux membres du conseil dʼadministration pour leur précieuse collaboration qui est essentielle au succès de Machine de Cirque
  • Machine de Cirque benefits from the financial support of Crédit d’impôt spectacles de la SODEC
A presentation of
WKND 91.9 FM
Public programming partners
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec Canada Conseil des arts du Canada Ville de Québec

They said...

« The Machine de Cirque show is spectacular mechanical madness. »

Le Monde

« They are extraordinary, and under no circumstances should you miss their performance. »

Le Figaro

« Surprise and bursts of laughter guaranteed ! »


« [...] the four virtuosos of Machine de Cirque impress the audience in a stunning show that mixes the humour of Monty Python with surprising acrobatics to the rhythm of a fifth and final multi-instrumentalist. »

Le Parisien

« Your mouth will be agape… »

Boston Globe

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