Since 2011, the Quebec City Magic Festival’s breathtaking shows have never failed to impress and surprise, thanks to the participation of internationally renowned artists. This year promises to live up to expectations once again.

For its 13th edition, the Quebec City Magic Festival team has put together a very special show featuring two world-renowned magicians. We have the honor of welcoming Topas from Germany and Philippe Beau from France.

It sounds like an incredible experience! Magic and ombromania performances are always something special, combining illusion, creativity and a touch of mystery. Topas is renowned for his captivating and innovative magic tricks, while Philippe Beau is a master of ombromanie, a delicate art that plays with shadows to create fascinating stories.

One dollar from every ticket sold at Théâtre Le Diamant as part of the Québec 2024 Magic Festival will help offset the greenhouse gases produced by the travel of those attending. This will be done with the Arbre-évolution organization, which will use the money raised to plant trees.


TOPAS was born in Stuttgart, Germany. At the age of seven, he discovered the art of magic for the first time. It soon became clear that this bond would last a lifetime. Indeed, TOPAS became one of the youngest 1st prize winners in the history of the World Magic Championships, and was twice voted the world’s best manipulator. With virtuoso dexterity, innovative effects and grand illusions, TOPAS has enjoyed international success for over two decades now. Las Vegas, Yokohama, Monte Carlo. TOPAS has performed on over 50 international TV shows, including NBC’s The World Greatest Magic at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, ten times on Les Plus Grands Spectacles Du Monde (France TV 1), La Grande Magia in Italy and countless appearances on several major German TV shows. Recently, Topas performed on Penn & Teller Fool us and La France a un incroyable talent (FGT).


In his comprehensive live evening shows Magic Affairs, Surprise, Magic Countdown, One More – Magic In Concert and Secret Power, Topas dazzles audiences with his original illusions. He tours in Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Greece, China and many other countries around the world.


List of awards (selection) :

  • 2 x FISM World Magic Champion (Manipulation)
  • Monte-Carlo Magic Grand Prix
  • Illusionist of the Year (USA)
  • Magician of the Year (USA)
  • Magician of the Year (Germany)
  • Mandrake d’Or (France)
Philippe Beau

Philippe Beau is a shadow magician, one of the few professional artists specializing in the rare and poetic discipline of creating shadow plays using only his hands. This ancient art is known as ombromanie.

His various shows can be compared to choreographed hand ballets, in which the shadows of characters and animals follow one another with fluidity, in an unprecedented morphing process, with no special effects other than the virtuosity of intertwining fingers.

All the skills of his hands are used to the extreme to create ephemeral shadows of an originality and beauty reputed to be unique in the world.

A shadow performer and artistic consultant, he is an internationally recognized ombromanie specialist. He has presented his shows in over thirty countries.

He has also imagined and created new artistic forms based on shadows for all areas of the performing arts.

For major international events and prestigious luxury houses, in Paris (Cartier, Chaumet), Dubai (Hermès), Quebec City (FISM/World Magic Congress).
Famous venues and international companies have welcomed him on their stages, including the legendary Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse, Cirque du Soleil (he imagined and created custom-made shadow plays for the Kà shows in Las Vegas and Fuzion in Jeddah), the Friedrichstadt-Palast, Berlin’s historic cabaret, where he designed the tableaux for the Arise Grand Show revue, as well as the Louvre auditorium, in a duet with renowned classical instrumentalists, and the Olympia, as the opening act for the solo show by celebrated French actor and humorist François Morel.

In addition to creating his own shows, Philippe Beau regularly collaborates with opera and theater directors such as Robert Lepage and Peter Brook, as well as choreographers including Philippe Decouflé. He has also worked with filmmakers such as Frederic Wiseman and Alain Chabat, and musicians such as Chilly Gonzales and the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra.

*This show is not part of Le Diamant’s regular programming.

Show Times



  • Topas — Germany
  • Philippe Beau — France


  • Équipe du Festival de magie de Québec
As part of the
Festival de Magie de Québec

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