August 30



After fifteen years of work and three years of construction, Le Diamant was inaugurated today in Quebec City. In the majestic BMO Lobby with its spectacular view of Claudie Gagnon’s symbolic work of art Atome ou le fruit des étoiles, Robert Lepage, director and project initiator, and Bernard Gilbert, General Manager and Programming Director, were surrounded by the political partners, major private donors, and architects who have worked for many years alongside the president of Le Diamant, Lynda Beaulieu, to make this brand-new performing-arts centre a reality.

After having travelled all over the world for more than 30 years, I’m setting down my suitcases in my hometown of Quebec City, and my hope is that the Le Diamant will be a unique showcase for all forms of art for all types of audiences. This unprecedented artistic convergence will allow the culture and innovation from here and beyond to shine in a remarkable and welcoming space.

— Robert Lepage, Director and project initiator
A Shared Commitment to Bring People Together

This important occasion brought together political and business leaders committed to promoting culture: the Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development and Member of Parliament for Québec; Nathalie Roy, Minister of Culture and Communications of Quebec; and Régis Labeaume, mayor of Quebec City. With them were the two co-presidents of the major fundraising campaign: Guy Cormier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Desjardins Group, and Claude Gagnon, President, Operations, BMO Financial Group, Quebec. On behalf of Bell, the largest private donor, Martine Turcotte, Vice Chair, Québec, expressed the company’s commitment to Le Diamant. This exceptional architectural project is the work of the consortium Coarchitecture, In Situ and Jacques Plante Architecte, represented by Marie-Chantal Croft, senior principal architect and partner at Coarchitecture.

Photo — Elias Djemil

This is a magnificent place where our artists and creators can better express their art and make us experience a wide range of emotions. Our government is proud to have contributed to the creation of this cutting-edge performance space, where Québécois and Canadian talent can take centre stage.

— Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage

Le Diamant will become a true performing-arts hub that features Québécois work while also introducing shows from elsewhere to discover. Without a doubt, the theatre will be a gathering place where performing-arts lovers will be able to see large-scale productions. It’s an example of a philanthropy model that the government would like to see more of in Québec, and it proves that concentrating public and private efforts creates leverage to elevate the arts and culture.

— Nathalie Roy, Minister of Culture and Communications and Minister Responsible for the French Language

Le Diamant will make it possible to present the best productions and will help make Quebec City an international cultural destination. In addition to increasing the cultural vitality of Place D’Youville, it’s a fabulous showcase for the world and a chance to share our accent, l’accent d’Amérique.

— Régis Labeaume, mayor of Québec

It is exceptional, and we are so proud that this project had so many major partners, both public and private, including several companies that work in similar business sectors. Along with the different levels of government, the commitment and leadership of the senior executives of BMO and Desjardins made it possible to bring together a number of donors that joined Bell, which was present from the very beginning. Together, we have shown that promoting culture should be considered one of the pillars of economic development for a community.

— Lynda Beaulieu, President of Le Diamant

With Le Diamant, Robert Lepage and Quebec City have a unique variable-geometry auditorium to present a wide range of productions from here and elsewhere, and they have created a sustainable ecosystem for established and emerging artists and creators from the province. BMO is very proud to be a part of it.

— Claude Gagnon, President, Operations, BMO Financial Group, Quebec

I am very proud to be here with Robert Lepage and his whole team for the official inauguration of the ambitious, innovative project that is Le Diamant. It will be a world-class centre of innovation and cultural creation, as well as an excellent incubator for work by emerging artists. That’s why it was completely natural for Desjardins to support this great project that aligned with our purpose: to enrich the lives of people and communities.

— Guy Cormier, President and Chief Executive Officer of Desjardins Group, Quebec

Bell has been a dedicated supporter of Le Diamant from the very beginning, and we’re delighted with the inauguration of this technologically advanced new home for creators and culture enthusiasts. Businesses have an important role to play in ensuring the vitality of our artistic community, and we are pleased to further strengthen our commitment to Québec artists.

— Martine Turcotte, Bell’s Vice Chair, Québec

Le Diamant, etched upon our memory: between heritage and contemporary; an urban, cultural lantern, shining from Québec to the world; a stimulating and unexpected place that’s ideal for research, creation and performance; a place of light, innovation, memory and continuity.

— Marie-Chantal Croft, senior principal architect and partner at Coarchitecture

Photo — Elias Djemil

An International Arts Centre


A multidisciplinary arts centre, Le Diamant will be an open, welcoming space that will present a large range of shows for diverse audiences. Our objective is to bring the arts and people together by offering experiences that are unique, moving, challenging and surprising!

— Bernard Gilbert, General Manager and Programming Director

The inaugural season will begin on September 7 with Les sept branches de la rivière Ota, a landmark, seven-hour epic play of Robert Lepage and Ex Machina that is being remounted 25 years after its creation. Le Diamant will prioritize audacity, mixing genres, and diversity by presenting around 20 national and international productions every year, including three or four shows by Ex Machina.

From circus, theatre, marionettes for adults and boxing to the lyric and digital arts, which will be included in the 2020 programming, Le Diamant will bring together audiences and the arts—from the most audacious to the most innovative—like a researcher attuned to new ideas.

— Bernard Gilbert, General Manager and Programming Director
Affordable Ticket Prices

Sensitive to accessibility, Le Diamant will offer shows at an average price of $40. A $15 ticket price for those 15 years old and under will also apply to several shows. Moreover, on the day of a show, seats will be on sale for 50% of the regular price. It’s a way to share the pleasure of cultural events with everyone, an invitation to discover all types of universes within the performing arts.

The Studio Lepage Beaulieu

Bernard Gilbert took this symbolic moment to announce the name of the creation studio on the 5th floor. The new space for research and creation, primarily to be used by Ex Machina, takes the place of the company’s former artistic home, La Caserne. It will be called the Studio Lepage Beaulieu.

The board and leadership felt it was important to emphasize how Robert and Lynda, the inseparable brother and sister duo, without whom Le Diamant simply wouldn’t exist, should have a place in Le Diamant named in their honour.

— Bernard Gilbert, General Manager and Programming Director

Photo — Elias Djemil

Salle Hydro-Québec

The focal point of Le Diamant will be the Salle Hydro-Québec. This versatile, technologically advanced space can hold up to 650 audience members in a proscenium configuration. The stage house was custom designed to accommodate large-scale productions, allowing the audience to plunge right into the artistic experience.

Our partnership with Le Diamant embodies Hydro-Québec’s commitment to the culture of Québec and the importance we place on arts and culture. Culture serves as a mirror for our society. It’s our collective identity, which we express in different ways in order to remember, to share, and to create the future. Just like our clean energy, the culture of Québec is a precious collective heritage that we can be proud of!

— Ann Bourget, Director of Regional and Collective Affairs, Hydro-Québec