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In The Mirror, together with director Darcy Grant, the artists explore the concept of entertainment through the language of contemporary circus and question what the modern human finds entertaining. What do we want to show the world and is it something that others want to see? What does authenticity mean, especially in the age of ubiquitous screens and permanent self-presentation? The high-level dance and acrobatics in the piece are offset by an innovative contemporary design, using an LED wall, cameras and selfie sticks. Highly expressive, playful and accompanied by the outstanding electronic compositions and pop mash-ups of musician Ekrem Eli Phoenix, the artists of GOM set out on a search for the “true” self.

About Gravity and Other Myths

They are a circus company with roots in Adelaide, Australia. They utilize an honest approach to performance to create work with a focus on human connection and acrobatic virtuosity. Through this, they hope to maintain an exceptional and diverse artistic program. After forming in 2009 as a group of young Adelaide artists with a passion for circus and physical theatre, they’ve spent the past 13 years growing steadily and creating six critically acclaimed main stage works.

Their artistic approach

They strive to nurture human connection while challenging the genre of circus through conceptual sophistication and acrobatic virtuosity. They employ an honest approach to performance, illuminating the complexities of humanity through genuinity, humour and physical prowess. Their predominantly ensemble-driven creative process encourages their artists to engage deeply with the work they are inhabiting and allows true investment in and commitment to the company’s core values.

As leaders of contemporary circus in Australia, they feel it is their responsibility to continue to challenge circus as an artform.

Show Times



  • Emily Gare
  • Megan Giesbrecht
  • Joshua Strachan
  • Lewie Rankin
  • Maya Tregonning
  • Hamish McCourty
  • Jordan Hart
  • Issy Estrella
  • Megan Drury


  • Director Darcy Grant
  • Associate Director Jascha Boyce
  • Set & Lighting Designer Matt Adey
  • Associate Designer Lachlan Binns
  • Composer Ekrem Eli Phoenix
  • Sound Design Mik La Vage
  • Costume Designer Renate Henschke
  • Commissioned by Chamäleon Theatre and The Sydney Opera House
Thanks to the support of
Australian Government - RISE Fund Arts South Australia Chamäleon Theatre Berlin Sydney Opera House
Public programming partners
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec Canada Conseil des arts du Canada Ville de Québec

They said...

★★★★★ '' Intimate and hilarious, this performance from contemporary circus company Gravity and Other Myths is one of a kind. ''


★★★★1/2 '' The Mirror is risky, sexy, and cheeky in all the right ways ''

Theatre Thoughts

'' The Australian company proves once more that they belong to those who define the state of art in the New Circus genre. ''

Der Tagesspiegel

'' Conceptual entertainment on a high artistic level. New, contemporary circus in its purest form. A great deligh ''

Berliner Morgenpost

'' Musically strong, fantastic acrobatics, a very artistic overall picture. ''

rbb Inforadio

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