Rose et la machine

Porte Parole

Hydro-Québec Auditorium

Maude’s daughter has autism spectrum disorder. Seeking to understand and support her daughter, Maude quickly realizes the enormous difficulties that lie ahead. Through documenting the cracks in the healthcare system, and then those in the education system, Maude comes to understand her own limitations. How can she listen to and understand her daughter? How can she help her while accepting her difference? How can she learn from this difference?

For this personal and introspective documentary story, Porte Parole is again collaborating with Maude Laurendeau, who participated in the creation and production of Sexy Béton (2009–2011). Julie Le Breton will bring to life all of the numerous people who cross the path of Maude and her daughter: health professionals, teachers and special education teachers, friends, parents of autistic children…

Clearing the Path for a Little-Known Disorder

On her journey, Maude Laurendeau meets many specialists, parents and loved ones of autistic children, all of whom are played by actress Julie Le Breton. Little by little, through discussions and questioning and through simply living each day with Rose, she arrives at a type of understanding and acceptance. After the initial shock and tumultuous emotions following the diagnosis, the dust settles. Slowly, behind the spectre of ASD, Maude rediscovers her child.

14 years and up

Mar 2 to 4, 2023 — 107 minutes with no intermission $40 — $51


Photo - Maxime Côté
Photo - Maxime Côté
Photo - Maxime Côté
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Photo - Maxime Côté


Maude Laurendeau
Julie Le Breton


Text Maude Laurendeau
Dramaturgy Annabel Soutar
Direction Édith Patenaude
Assistant Direction and stage manager Caroline Boucher-Bonneau
Set Design Patrice Charbonneau Brunelle
Assistant Set Design Margot Lacoste
Costume Design Estelle Charron
Lighting Design Julie Basse
Sound Design Frédéric Auger
Technical Direction Normand Vincent


  • Le Soleil Numérique

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