Hamlet is in a dark place. Full of doubt, and perhaps touched by madness. After the death of his father under questionable circumstances, he loses his footing… Is his entourage lying to him? Is his mind, muddled with apparitions, failing? When reason wavers, how can we distinguish between truth and falsehood, how can we distinguish between the faithful and the traitors?

Co-created by choreographer Guillaume Côté and director Robert Lepage, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark immerses the viewer in a world of deceptive appearances, where ghosts and humans rub shoulders in a minimalist scenography. Light, shadows and transparency play a central role. This metaphorical reinterpretation of Shakespeare’s narrative draws the fine line between what is and what is not in the vagaries of the mind and the movements of the body.

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  • Hamlet Guillaume Côté
  • Gertrude Greta Hodgkinson
  • Claudius Robert Glumbek
  • Ophelia Carleen Zouboules
  • Laertes Lukas Malkowski
  • Polonius Bernard Meney
  • Horatio Natasha Poon Woo
  • Rosencrantz Connor Mitton
  • Guildenstern Willem Sadler


  • Designed and Directed by Robert Lepage
  • Co-designed and Choreographed by Guillaume Côté
  • Based on the work by William Shakespeare
  • Creative Director Steve Blanchet
  • Assistant Director Félix Dagenais
  • Creative Assistant and Rehearsal Director Anisa Tejpar
  • Composer John Gzowski
  • Associate Set and Props Designer Vanessa Cadrin
  • Lighting Designer Simon Rossiter
  • Costume Designer Michael Gianfrancesco and Monika Onoszko
  • Artistic Collaborator Olivier Normand
  • Fight Consultant Jack Rennie
  • Production Manager Nadia Bellefeuille
  • Technical Director - Creation Antoine Caron
  • Tour Manager Nadia Bellefeuille, Anisa Tejpar
  • Technical Director - Touring Antoine Caron, Olivier Bourque
  • Stage Manager Félix Dagenais
  • Sound Manager Stanislas Elie
  • Lighting Manager Billy Bergeron
  • Head Stagehand Jérôme Dion
  • Costumes and Props Manager Jeanne Lapierre
  • Head Stagehand - Creation Sébastien Côté
  • Costume Manager - Creation Émilie Potvin
  • Assistant Costume Designer Allie Marshall
  • Sound Project Manager and R&D Stanislas Elie
  • Video Project Manager and R&D Samuel Sérandour
  • Recording studio Cantebury Sound
  • Producer/engineer David Travers-Smith

  • Musician
  • Cello Amahl Arulanandam
  • Bass Jessi Dietschi
  • Percussion Mark Duggan
  • Hurdy gurdy / percussion Ben Grossman
  • Electric guitar John Gzowski
  • Violin Drew Jurecka
  • Viola Shannon Knights
  • Bass Joe Phillips
  • Saxophone / clarinet Ernie Tollar
  • Violin Rebekah Wolkstein

  • Voice
  • Patricia O’Callaghan
  • Peaches

  • Set builders Astuce Décors, ShowTex, Conception Alain Gagné, Ex Machina / Bruno Petit, Ex Machina / Catherine Ouellet
  • Set & props building collaborators Geneviève Bournival, Marie-Pascale Chevarie, Béatrice Lecomte-Rousseau, Suzanne Pouliot-Cadrin, Myriam Richer, Charlyne Roux
  • Masks Danielle Boutin
  • Costume builders Felsen Tailors, Lela Stairs, Sue Furlong
  • Communications Coordinator Nina Lauren
  • Robert Lepage's Agent Lynda Beaulieu

  • Produced by Ex Machina / Côté Danse / Dvoretsky Productions
  • Producer - Ex Machina Michel Bernatchez
  • Producer - Côté Danse Etienne Lavigne
  • Associate Production - Europe, Japan Epidemic (Richard Castelli assisted by Florence Berthaud)
Public Programming Partners
Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec Ville de Québec Conseil des arts du Canada Canada

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