Le Devisement du monde

Théâtre Humain / Kevin McCoy

Salle Hydro-Québec


December 2014 – While travelling outside of Canada, Kevin learns that his father has been hospitalized for pneumonia, which, in turn, reveals advanced cancer. Kevin rushes to his bedside in Chicago and spends the next five days watching over him until his passing.

In this new opus, Kevin explores father-son relationships. Inspired by the exploration of Marco Polo, who discovered the Silk Road with his father long ago, Kevin draws parallels with his own story, driven by a need to understand and describe the world.

Le Devisement du monde is a voyage—one directed inward, one that leads us to the other, and one that takes us into unknown territory. It’s about baggage...the kind we prepare before departing, the kind we have inside us, and the kind we need to leave behind.

This captivating story with its enchanting scenery is the third and last part of Le Triptyque migratoire.

Feb 11 to 20, 2020 — 135 minutes with intermission $36 — $49



Louis Fortier
Kevin McCoy
Sarangerel Tserenpil


​Production Théâtre Humain

Text and Direction Kevin McCoy

Creation team
Assistant Director Catherine Allard
Set and Properties Designer Christian Fontaine
Technical Director Pierre Gagné
Costume and Properties Designer Jeanne Lapierre
Video Designer Jocelyn Langlois
Sound Designer François Leclerc
Production Director Nicolas Léger
Artistic Collaborator Louis Fortier, Nicolas Léger
and Sarangerel Tserenpil 
Composer Miriane Rouillard
Lighting Designer Laurent Routhier

Dramaturgical Consultants Robert Lepage et Chantal Poirier