Luc Langevin’s talk tackles a universal theme that resonates with each of us from childhood: the aspiration to make our dreams come true. While many people dream, few are fully committed to pursuing them. But are they really out of reach? In this lecture, illusionist and physicist Luc Langevin reveals how he abandoned a PhD in biophotonics to embark on a career as a professional illusionist. Through anecdotes and a magical demonstration, he tells us how science guided his path, how the creative process became routine, and how each setback brought him closer to his childhood dream.

The talk will conclude with a 60-minute Q&A session with the audience.

*This show is not part of Le Diamant’s regular programming.


  • Luc Langevin


  • Équipe du Festival de magie de Québec
As part of the
Festival de Magie de Québec

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