Our Team

Bernard Gilbert

General Manager and Programming Director

Virginie Lavoie-Larouche

Assistant to the General Manager

Vivianne Paradis

Programming Coordinator

Vincent Masson

Administration and Development Director

Guy Lanteigne, CPA, CA

Finance Director

Dali Berthiaume

Construction Project Director

Mélany Fortin

Administrative Technician

Francine Dupuis

Receptionist and Travel Coordinator

Gabrielle Gagnon

Recrutement Manager

Louise Roussel

Production and Operations Director

Patrick Durnin

Technical Director

Cassandra Duguay

Production Assistant

Christophe Deschênes Fontaine

Stage Crew Manager and Fly Operator

Nicolas Dostie

Video Manager and Head Rigger

Marc-André Lebon

Sound Manager

Kennah Perchuk

Lighting Manager

Patrick Boisvert

Building Superintendent

Élisabeth Farinacci

Marketing and Communications Director

Édouard Garneau

Customer Experience and Digital Strategy Manager

Sabrina Martin

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Fabien De Marre

Audience Services Manager

Lucie Perron

Box Office Coordinator

Steve Labrie

Audience Development and Partnerships Manager