Chants Libres, an opera company focused on new creations, in co-production with the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (NEM)

Hydro-Québec Auditorium

Le Diamant is revealing a different aspect of the Hydro-Québec Auditorium—its orchestra pit—by welcoming for the first time Chants Libres, an opera company focused on new creations, and the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (NEM), with its 16 musicians, under the musical direction of Lorraine Vaillancourt. This most recent creation of Chants Libres, L’Orangeraie, brings together Zad Moultaka’s music, Larry Tremblay’s libretto and Pauline Vaillancourt’s direction.

Adapted from Larry Tremblay’s award-winning novel, L’Orangeraie is a poignant fable about childhood and war that is set somewhere in the Middle East. In it we follow the tragic journey of twins Amed and Aziz, two children caught up in the maelstrom of war. French-Lebanese composer Zad Moultaka’s music conveys the deep beauty of the voices and sounds of these two worlds.

Nov 5 to 6, 2021 — 120 minutes with no intermission $30 — $65


Photo — Vanessa Fortin
Photo — Vanessa Fortin
Photo — Vanessa Fortin
Photo — Vanessa Fortin
Photo — Vanessa Fortin
Photo — Vanessa Fortin
Photo — Vanessa Fortin

What People Are Saying...

Zad Moultaka’s music is charged with the tension and aggression inherent in Larry Tremblay’s libretto. The listener will discover scenes of crushing violence as well as moments of troubling beauty and evocative atmosphere. Fusing Western and Middle Eastern musical cultures, his aesthetic is anchored in a modernity that serves the drama well.

In these excerpts, we will discover a solid cast (...), most notably in an essentially instrumental heart-wrenching scene. (...) The vocal score offers a beautiful framework to Tremblay’s words by skillfully arranging the recitatives and the more lyrical sections. The musicians of the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne live up to their reputation: impeccable technique and always precise interpretations.

Revue L’Opéra, January 22, 2021


Nicholas Burns, countertenor
Dion Mazerolle, baritone
Jacques Arsenault, tenor
Nathalie Paulin, soprano
Arthur Tanguay-Labrosse, tenor
Stéphanie Pothier, mezzo-soprano
Alasdair Campbell, baritone
Simon Chaussé, baritone
Jean Maheux, actor
The musicians of the NEM


Music Zad Moultaka
Libretto Larry Tremblay
Stage Direction Pauline Vaillancourt
Set and Video Design Dominique Blain
Musical Director Lorraine Vaillancourt
Lighting Design Guy Simard
Costume Design Marianne Thériault
Video Design Catherine Béliveau
Make-up Design Jacques-Lee Pelletier
Sound Engineer Pierre Veniot

Co-production with the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne

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