Ghost Light: Between Fall and Flight

Machine de Cirque

Hydro-Quebec Auditorium

Without distancing
Wearing a procedure mask all times

The curtain has fallen. The theatre has been plunged into darkness. One lone light is left on: the ghost light. It’s to attract the ghosts that linger there. Rediscovering the energy of their past life, they propel each other around, push each other away, have fun with each other, hurt each other, and, finally, embrace each other again.

Ghost Light: Between Fall and Flight makes the invisible visible. With more than 10 years of experience collaborating together on stages around the world, Maxim Laurin and Ugo Dario take us on a captivating journey that brings together stunning acrobatics, choreography, ghostly lighting and lively music.

They offer a personal glimpse into a partnership. The teeterboard propels them toward each other in the euphoria of flight, the ease of weightlessness and the inevitability of the fall.

Get ready to be moved by this story that goes beyond what words can communicate.

5 years and up

Apr 7 to 9, 2022 — 60 minutes with no intermission $34 — $45


Photo — Emmanuel Burriel
Photo — Emmanuel Burriel
Photo — Emmanuel Burriel
Photo — Emmanuel Burriel

What People Are Saying...

"These two artists have worked together for 12 years. They have done extraordinary things in their discipline and shown remarkable tenacity."

Journal de Québec, October 15, 2020

"[...] they’ve created a personal work in which light challenges the darkness. A disarming virtuosity has served their story as acrobats."

Les trois coups, October 23, 2020

[...] une scénographie très épurée pour mettre de l’avant la planche coréenne et un spectacle dansé, tantôt ludique, tantôt dramatique.

Québec Hebdo, 2020 


Performers Maxim Laurin and Ugo Dario


Production Machine de Cirque
Co-Authors, Co-Directors and Performers Maxim Laurin and Ugo Dario
Head Artistic Advisor Nico Lagarde
Musician and Composer Félix Boisvert
Musician Jérôme Guilleaume
Artistic Director Vincent Dubé
Lighting Designer Bruno Matte
Costume Designer Camille Thibault-Bédard
Artistic Advisors Brigitte Poupart, Harold Rhéaume, Shana Caroll and Howard Richard
Set Designers Maxim Laurin and Ugo Dario
Technical Directors Patrick Paquet and Antoine Protat


  • Le Soleil Numérique

Public Sponsors of the Programming

  • Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec
  • Canada
  • Canada Council for the Arts
  • Ville de Québec