Andromak Sa a !

Théâtre de la Sentinelle

Filming made at Le Diamant on APRIL 15, 2022.

After the Haitian people won independence, the tension was palpable among those that fought in the revolution. Two sides formed: the rebels and the royalists. Pyrrhus, the great rebel general, took Andromaque, a royalist, prisoner in his residence. He falls desperately in love with her, and they will be confronted by the Haitian elite who will demand the death of her son.

Since the story takes place in Saint-Domingue, the official language is Haitian Creole. Certain characters, including Andromaque, speak French in private discussions. The play explores linguistic conflicts, heritage, love and especially honour. Andromak Sa a ! is a translation, adaptation and reimagining of Jean Racine’s Andromaque.

Languages: Creole and French, with surtitles.

Dramatic reading with French subtitles

Webcast — 90 minutes $20



Irdens Exentus
Fabrice Yvanoff Sénat
Sabina Rony
Sarya Bazin
Tracy Marcelin
Renée Joseph Eloy
Lyndz Dantiste


Director Lyndz Dantiste
Assistant Director Delphine Rochefort
Lighting Designer Valérie Bourque
Composer and Outside Eye Philippe Racine
Translation and Adaptation by Elena Stoodley and Lyndz Dantiste


Production / Camera Daniel Boudreau-Guay
Camera Pierre-Marc Laliberté
Editing Vincent Roy

TEAM — le diamant

Production and operations director Louise Roussel
Technical Director François Genest
Production Assistant Cassandra Duguay
Video Manager Nicolas Dostie
Sound Manager Marc-André Lebon
Stage Crew Manager Sébastien Côté
Head Electrician Jessica Farinet
Technical manager of the Lepage Beaulieu studio Maxime Barbeau
Graphic Designer Félix Duchesneau-Fournier


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