Théâtre Humain / Kevin McCoy

Hydro-Québec Auditorium

September 2002 – Having moved to Quebec City six years earlier, Kevin begins taking steps to apply for permanent residency in Canada. Confronted by bureaucracy, prejudices, and refusals, he tells the epic adventure of his immigration. Simultaneously, through a documentary film he is making of immigrants in Quebec City, he encounters the world. Literally. Costa Rica, Afghanistan, Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Uganda, Korea... With kindness and empathy, he talks with women and men about their immigration process, their disappointments, and their hopes… People who, like him, have started their lives over in a new place.

Ailleurs is an invitation to look at our neighbours with fresh eyes. It’s a compelling personal story that addresses a topical subject with humour and openness. Video plays an important role in this theatre–documentary hybrid: not only does it allow us to travel from one place to another, it also multiplies the voices represented and illustrates the richness of human diversity.

Feb 18, 2020 — 100 minutes without intermission $36 — $49



Kevin McCoy