Photo Credit : Elias Djemil-Matassov

Les sept branches de la rivière Ota

Ex Machina / Robert Lepage

Salle Hydro-Québec

The first project Robert Lepage created for his company Ex Machina, Les sept branches de la rivière Ota is a saga that opens in Hiroshima during the late 20th century and divides into seven tableaux. The symbolic centrepiece of the work is the major event of the explosion of the first atomic bomb, but the play also tells the story of a Czech artist whose childhood was marked by his time in the Terezin concentration camp and who died in Hiroshima, on the banks of the River Ota. To the themes of death by atomic bomb and in concentration camps is added that of death by virus, taking the form of a person with AIDS whose only escape is assisted suicide. In spite of so much grief, the idea of survival emerges with vigour, and Hiroshima resurfaces as a symbol of renaissance rather than destruction.

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SEPT 7 TO 15, 2019 — 7 hours including intermissions $107 — $145


Photo Credit : Elias Djemil-Matassov
Photo Credit : Elias Djemil-Matassov
Photo Credit : Elias Djemil-Matassov
Photo Credit : Elias Djemil-Matassov
Photo Credit : Elias Djemil-Matassov
Photo Credit : Elias Djemil-Matassov


Rebecca Blankenship
Lorraine Côté
Christian Essiambre
Richard Fréchette
Myriam Leblanc
Umihiko Miya
Audrée Southière
Philippe Thibault-Denis
Donna Yamamoto


Directed & designed by Robert Lepage
Directors' assistant Adèle Saint-Amand
Creative Director Steve Blanchet
Dramaturg Gérard Bibeau

Éric Bernier
Gérard Bibeau
Normand Bissonnette
Rebecca Blankenship
Marie Brassard
Anne-Marie Cadieux
Normand Daneau
Richard Fréchette
Marie Gignac
Patrick Goyette
Robert Lepage
Macha Limonchik
Ghislaine Vincent

Music & Sound Design Michel F. Côté
Collaboration to the music & musician Tetsuya Kudaka
Set Design - original production Carl Fillion
Set Design Adaptation Ariane Sauvé

Lighting Design Sonoyo Nishikawa
Images Design Keven Dubois
Costumes Design Virginie Leclerc
Properties Design Claudia Gendreau

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