Photo Credit : Jean-François Brière

Là où le sang se mêle, The French Adaptation of Where The Blood Mixes


Hydro-Québec Auditorium

The performance will be followed by a Labrador tea service and a healing circle.

Floyd, a disillusioned man who drowns his memories and troubles in alcohol, meets up with his childhood friend Mooch every day in the tavern of the village on the other side of the river. One day he receives a letter from his daughter, who was removed from his care by social services and put up for adoption after her mother’s suicide more than 20 years ago. Now, curious about her roots after having been raised in the city, she wants to get to know him and reconnect with her forgotten past.

About the play

The play Là où le sang se mêle is a French adaptation of Where the Blood Mixes, translated and directed by Charles Bender, Huron-Wendat actor and co-director of Productions Menuentakuan. With more than 20 years’ experience as an actor, Charles’ return to directing for the first time in a number of years will strengthen his craft while helping Menuentakuan carry out its mission within the theatrical landscape of Quebec.

Là où le sang se mêle is a work about confession and forgiveness. It bridges the gap between a hidden past and a future with bittersweet hope. The characters are people like us, who only have their profound humanity to rely on as they seek resilience.

In French

Oct 8 to 12, 2019 — 90 minutes without intermission $26


Photo Credit : Jean-François Brière

What People Are Saying...

Playing the gruff Floyd, Marco Collin’s presencepowerful and vulnerable at onceis touching.

Chloé Gagné Dion, Le Devoir

The play Là où le sang se mêle is a reminder of the ethnocide on which our Canada was built.

Frédéric Limoges, Le Délit français

An essential play about the lingering effect of residential schools.

Eva-Meije Mounier, Le Délit français

Là où le sang se mêle is a step forward in the recognition and expansion of Indigenous arts. In the theatrical milieu, a dialogue is beginning to open up about the troubling reality of Indigenous communities in Canada. But the play isn’t trying to evoke pity or compassion; it’s trying to inspire reconciliation. Reconciliation between one group whose freedoms have been suppressed too long and another whose eyes are being opened to these problems.

Anthony Dubé, Les Méconnus


Marco Collin Floyd 
Soleil Launière Christine 
Charles Bender Mooch 
Xavier Huard Georges
Emilie Monnet June


Produced by Menuentakuan
In Collaboration With Teesri Duniya

Playwright Kevin Loring

Direction and Traduction Charles Bender
Assistant Direction 
Elaine Normandeau
Production Direction Lucie Mineau

Lighting Design and Technical Mentorship Geoff Levine

Technical Director Jean-Christian Gagnon
Stage Manager Laura-Rose Grenier

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