Défoncer des murs

L’orchestre d’hommes-orchestres et Jacynthe Carrier

Salle Lepage Beaulieu

Shot in the derelict buildings destined to become Le Diamant, this video installation evokes the history of the place by various games of superposition and reiteration.

Premiered at the Quebec City Film Festival, DÉFONCER DES MURS is a video installation by L’orchestre d’hommes-orchestres and Jacynthe Carrier. Shot in the derelict buildings destined to become Le Diamant, the work features a dialogue between approximately twenty micro-narratives, carried by forty-five performers distributed in the numerous interstices of the place. The actions loop, slowly unfold and intermingle. Through various games of superposition and reiteration, DEFONCER DES MURS evokes, like an enigma, the spirit of the place and weaves a new narrative little by little.


DEFONCER DES MURS is the second collaboration between the collective and the visual artist.


L’orchestre d’hommes-orchestres (L’ODHO)

Founded in Quebec City in 2002, L’ODHO defines itself as a permanent building site for the performing arts. L’ODHO first made its mark with the concert-events Performs Tom Waits. Since, more than 15 original productions, for the stage or public spaces, among which Shattered Cabaret, Les Palais, 150 cabanes/homes and Tomates have followed. Invited to appear on major stages both in Quebec and abroad, L’ODHO has presented productions in some 20 countries in Europe, America and Oceania. In 2013, L’ODHO was chosen by Robert to receive The City of Toronto Glenn Gould Protégé Prize.


Jacynthe Carrier


Since 2008, Jacynthe Carrier uses photography and video to examine the different relationships between the body and the environment, as well as the way we conceive and absorb landscape. Her work has been presented as part of many solo and group exhibitions in many galleries and museums in Québec, Canada and internationally (MAC VAL, Musée de Joliette, galerie 44, centre CLARK, MNBAQ, MACM...) Jacynthe Carrier was nominated for a Sobey Art Award in 2013 and received the 2012 Pierre-Ayot Award and the 2015 Prix Videre Création. She was recently nominated to the Sobey Art Award 2017. She is represented by Antoine Ertaskiran Gallery in Montreal.




Without reservation

Sep 12 to 21, 2019 — 30 Free



Création : L’ODHO et Jacynthe Carrier avec la complicité des performeurs invités

Production : L’ODHO et Jacynthe Carrier

Coproduction : Le Diamant et SPIRA

Assistance à la coordination et à la direction artistique : Philippe Lessard-Drolet Assistance à la coordination : Ariane Plante

Direction photo : Alexandre Berthier et Julie Pelletier

Direction musicale : L’ODHO