Vivre à 100 milles à l'heure

Salle Hydro-Québec

Inseparable friends, Louis, Eric, and Daniel are young and reckless, living 100 miles an hour. Children’s games turn to petty crime and lifelong friendships are tested. A tender, offbeat and nostalgic look at the turbulent and intoxicating temptations these once fun loving kids face as they transition to adulthood.



Louis Bélanger is one of the uncommon creators of Quebec able to claim art house cinema and a more popular one at the same time. Resolutely at man's height, inventive without hermeticism, personal and universal, his work draws rich and immediately familiar landscapes, making film lovers' joy here and elsewhere. Louis Bélanger also owes two documentaries Lauzon Lauzone noticed in 2000 and Louis Martin: Journalist in 2011, as well as half a dozen contributions for television. He is currently working on his latest feature film's edit entitled Living 100mph.

Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec

Sep 19 to 19, 2019 — 104 minutes $65