A unique cultural venue, Le Diamant is committed to presenting the best national and international works of today. This flexible black box theatre is the ideal space for groundbreaking productions, world premieres, and major events in an intimate atmosphere. As a destination for international visitors, Le Diamant is able to showcase the expertise and excellence of the cultural milieus of Quebec and Canada. Open to the community and located in the heart of the historic city centre, this performing-arts centre aims to serve as a point of reference for the public, emerging artists, and creators of all kinds.

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The Mission: To Promote Cultural Experiences

A non-profit organization, Le Diamant is dedicated to presenting all facets of culture, whether it’s through the performing arts, such as circus, theatre or opera, or through multimedia.

The Philosophy: To Make Art Accessible

Le Diamant aims to democratize the performing arts by making them accessible to as many people as possible. Out of a desire for universal accessibility, the ticket prices are affordable, varying only according to the seat location in the venue. Consequently, arts lovers can benefit from seeing more performances, and less frequent audience members have the opportunity to experience high-quality local and international productions.

Commitment: To Mobilize A Community

Thanks to the invaluable support of our public and private financial partnerships and the generous involvement of committed artisans, the non-profit organization Le Diamant is able to offer diverse programming at a price that’s affordable to as many people as possible. In turn, Le Diamant is committed to actively promoting the artistic community of Quebec City, particularly through its partnerships with the Carrefour international de théâtre de Québec and the Festival de cinéma de la ville de Québec.

Our Ambassadors

At the core of this incredible community are our best ambassadors: our volunteers! Their presence and dedication makes them true representatives of the family, serving right at the forefront of the community. Our ambassadors' involvement may take several forms, depending on the the interests and schedules of those interested.

If you'd like to get involved in the community of Le Diamant, please contact us.


Vision: To Serve The Creative Work

The best national and international productions are seen on Le Diamant’s stage. The versatile variable-geometry auditorium, capable of alternating between large-scale and intimate arrangements, presents major contemporary productions. Deeply embedded in the cultural community of Quebec City and located in the heart of the historic district, Le Diamant promotes creators from here, showcasing local expertise to an audience from Quebec and far beyond. In addition, by presenting productions from other parts of the world, Le Diamant brings in non-local talent to share with audience members from Quebec.

The Name: Revealing Hidden Facets

There are, along the coast of Quebec, diamonds in the slate rocks.

— Samuel de Champlain, 1603

At the root of Le Diamant’s name is, of course, the reference to Cap-Diamantwhich so majestically overlooks the Saint Lawrence River that Samuel de Champlain believed it glittered with precious stones. Robert Lepage’s attachment to his hometown is reflected in this choice of name, which is highly symbolic to the people of Quebec City.

Furthermore, there is the idea of the space serving as a prism that shines light on culture to reveal its many facets, like a prism breaks apart light to reveal the individual colours hidden within.

Ex Machina’s Home Base

In addition to welcoming contemporary productions from all over the world to its stage, Le Diamant is also home to the multidisciplinary company Ex Machinaa non-profit  organization led by Robert Lepage. The building houses the administrative offices of the company, and the studio is where their internationally touring shows are created.