Le Triptyque migratoire

Théâtre Humain / Kevin McCoy

Hydro-Québec Auditorium


Le Triptyque migratoire combine three production of Théâtre Humain / Kevin McCoy : Ailleurs, Norge and, Le Devisement du monde.

October 1996 – With his suitcase in hand and knowing just two words of French (“bonjour” and “merci”), Kevin McCoy leaves Chicago to go live in Quebec City. He is 33 and in love. The culture shock is considerable: he’s learning a new language, coping with non-stop snow, looking for work, and discovering a new culture…

Inspired by his experiences as an immigrant and by those he meets, he creates. First the play Ailleurs, then Norge, and, finally, Le Devisement du monde. Le Triptyque migratoire is the theatrical fresco created by bringing these three shows together. Three tableaux on interrelated themes: immigration, identity and encounters. Three distinct chapters of Kevin’s life: his application for Canadian permanent residence, his quest to discover his Norwegian heritage, and the death of his father.

All along his journey, he is looking for meaning in life and a more humane vision of the world. With his creations, he wants to ask questions, to encourage dialogue, and to create bridges that celebrate what makes us different and—more importantly—what unites us in our shared humanity. 

February 22, 3 PM — Till 10:15 PM $68 — $92



See credits of the three plays. 

Le Devisement du monde