Discovery Package

Le Diamant invites the public to discover the different facets of theatricality with the new Discovery Package featuring NYX, Crypto and Moby Dick.

With the purchase of one (1) ticket for each of the featured shows, NYX, Crypto and Moby Dick, get a $25 gift card. Select the dates and seating categories of your choice. Share your love of the performing arts by giving the gift card to a loved one or keep it for your own enjoyment!

The number of gift cards will increase with the number of tickets purchased.

  • 1 ticket for each show (NYX, Crypto and Moby Dick), for a total of 3 tickets = 1 $25 gift card
  • 2 tickets for each show (NYX, Crypto and Moby Dick), for a total of 6 tickets = 2 $25 gift cards

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oct. ​13 — 15

WORLD PREMIERE - Coming from a dance background as a performer and choreographer, Johanne Madore explores the art of the circus with Le Collectif Chimère. A singular organic universe in which dance and acrobatic gesture are richly hybridized, NYX revisits archetypal elements of femininity and is inspired by Johanne Madore's teenage memories.

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nov. 3 — 5

From dancer-choreographer Guillaume Côté and librettist Royce Vavrek comes a dynamic work of contemporary dance infused with theatre and technology. Featuring the music of Swedish composer Mikael Karlsson, Crypto is a groundbreaking work about forced displacement and the human need to control and transform beauty in wholly unnatural ways. Côté and Vavrek create a dynamic and complex narrative that allows us to dive into the vast and varied musical landscape of the work.

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nov. ​24 — 26

PRESENTED FOR THE FIRST TIME — With seven actors, fifty puppets, video projections, a drowned orchestra and a whale-sized
whale, Yngvild Aspeli is working on a visual adaptation of this wonderful beast of a book.

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Important information

The quantity of tickets selected must be identical for each show in order to take advantage of the Discovery Package offer.

  • 1 ticket for each show = 1 $25 gift card
  • 2 tickets for each show = 2 $25 gift cards
  • 5 tickets for each show = 5 $25 gift cards

Gift cards can be collected directly at the Diamant box office.